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Tiny-Tales...Big Moments

We don't know about you, but we are so behind in our baby journal writing! 

We were so good with the first years and even the second, but then things happened (like more babies and they have eat...who thought that being a short order cook was part of parenting?)  But now we found the no-guilt answer to documenting the most precious moments of our children's lives!

Tiny-Tales is what every parent needs!!  You can jot down every little milestone on your little pad of paper and file it in your little tiny-tale plexi-glass file and voila', you are now a good parent!  Avoid the guilt and get back into the parenting documentation game...don't you want you child to know that you care?...don't you want to remember?

Our editor's baby boy just swam under water can bet she wrote this down on her tiny-tales note pad and filed it away for junior to see when he gets older!

Give this as a gift or get yourself the whole set, baby, toddler and create your own!
Free Shipping, don't wait!

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Tiny Tales




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