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Add This To Your Kiddie College File

We know it's early to think about college (maybe way too early), but we wanted to let you know about an opportunity for your college children-to-be that you can put away in a file until that day arrives!

There's an organization called SIFE, Students in Free Enterprise, which is a nonprofit organization, based in Springfield, Montana, which acts as a place where college students can learn firsthand by doing entrepreneurial projects with fellow students.

SIFE teams compete against other college SIFE teams in regional and then national contests, where they are judged by corporate executives.  SIFE teaches a lesson to students that all good managers should know:  business is a part of the fabric of every community and that it's a skill that needs to be nurtured and that small ventures can have worldwide reach.

You should know that SIFE is active on more than 1,300 college and university campuses in more than 31 countries, providing opportunities for students who come from modest backgrounds and have little exposure to big business.  It has recently spread to elite campuses such as Harvard but its roots are in smaller schools in the Midwest and South.

It's mission:  igniting an early passion for business innovation and leadership by challenging students to launch projects in their communities.  SIFE teaches students how to talk to people and interact with them - something invaluable in today's world! 

Through a collaborative effort between business and education, SIFE teams improve the quality of life and the standard of living around the world by teaching the principles of market economics, entrepreneurship, business ethics and personal financial success.

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