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Adorable Books For Siblings-To-Be

We found some books that are sure to put a smile on your face!

Many interesting things are explored in Jeanne Ashbe's award winning What's Inside?  This innovative lift-the-flap book is illustrated with deft watercolor.  It's a great book for siblings-to-be which shows just how things may change when the new baby arrives.

Its sequel, And After That...  is gentle and loving, and shows new siblings that while things will change when the baby arrives, "a little while after that, you'll be great friends."

With short "chapters" and lift-the-flaps to invite participation, young children are slowly introduced to cause and effect.  From "Chapter I:  After daytime... socks...chocolate... you know what comes next" to "Chapter III:  After the baby's born, some things are going to change, but others won't..."

Jeanne Ashbe' originally trained as a speech therapist, but her passion for design and the arrival of her five children inspired her to begin producing beautiful, insightful children's books.  She lives in Belgium where she continues to be fascinated by the wonderful world of babies.

Click on the images to buy the books directly from Kane/Miller Book Publishers, a wonderful publisher whose focus is foreign children's books opening young minds to the world.  Or, to look around their complete book selections, check out:









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