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Advance Healthcare Directives/Living Wills

Pregnancy is the perfect time to evaluate your wishes regarding your health.  While most women get through their pregnancy with no serious problems, every adult should have an Advance Health Care Directive specifying their wishes regarding health care. 

An Advance Health Care Directive, commonly referred to as a Living Will, ensures that your wishes will be followed if you need medical care. 

Having a baby forces most women to pay attention to their bodies.  A lot of exciting, and sometimes uncomfortable, changes take place.  Most women will have a very healthy pregnancy.  But, whether you sail through your pregnancy or experience complications, starting or expanding your family is a great time to contemplate and prepare for the future.

Your health and your wishes regarding your healthcare treatment should not be forgotten

Not just for pregnant women, an Advance Health Care Directive ensures that you are fully prepared for the birth of your child and for the future. 

Attorney Sarah B. Schlehr is offering an affordable seminar where you will walk away with a valid Living Will and Health Care Proxy (an Advance Health Care Directive)!  While you do not need an attorney to prepare an Advance Health Care Directive, this seminar offers you an affordable way to have an attorney ensure that you have a valid and enforceable Living Will. 

During this two hour seminar, you will be provided with a Living Will that reflects your personal desires regarding your health.  Before you leave the workshop, your Advance Health Care Directive will be legally enforceable, helping to ensure that your wishes will be followed during any health emergencies.

More information about Sarah’s monthly seminars can be found at or by calling Sarah directly at (310) 492-5757.

This Belly Scoop has been sponsored by Ms. Pregnancy Lawyer, Sarah B. Schlehr!


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