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Announcing The Baby

It's time to make the announcement!  But how to convey to your partner that there are exciting baby times ahead?

We think an original way is to bring home a pair of little tennis shoes - size "itty bitty."  This present will surely tell it all.

We at are in the same to announce the conception of our site?  This website is a 'hip' pregnancy resource for Los Angeles Big Bellies like you.  Here you will find a new "Today's Belly Scoop" posted several times per week. 

We hit the pavement for you and share what you need to know during your pregnancy!

Check out for a full run-down of what we're about.  And if you want to share, please do!...we will pass on selected scoop to the pregnant population.

All of "Today's Belly Scoops" are chosen by our staff with two requirements:  they must be informative and of course, 'hip.'  "Belly Scoops" are never paid for.  Rather, we sell advertising which is clearly marked in the hopes that you will support our wonderful sponsors who love big bellies just as much as we do.

But back to those itty, bitty tennis shoes...

Visit or call 1-800-806-6543, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.




















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