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Art Of Nursing

The ART OF NURSING encompasses:

The CARING aspects that only a NURSE would have the capacity to sustain under any circumstance.

These aspects of CARING exist only to the extent that there is COMPETENCE, CONFIDENCE, COMPASSION, CONSCIENCE and COMMITMENT and can only be achieved through the integration of the sciences.

All of the 5 C's should be and must be an integral part of being a nurse both as a professional and an individual if he or she is to practice the art of nursing.

Amy Tinney is a Registered Nurse and  currently apprenticing to become a Licensed Midwife with Sacred Entrance Midwifery Services.

Working in the medical profession with mothers and infants for over 18 years, Amy offers a wide range of services and perinatal advocacy.

I want to empower women to have healthy pregnancies and to prevent complications and prematurity of births. She is a "Mother & Baby-friendly" advocate.

Amy wants to empower women and their families with the knowledge to overcome any and all obstacles that may arise and to become effective and connected parents. No matter what type of birth a mother has intended, Amy will assist mothers-to-be and their families to become prepared to enter into the parenting role with more knowledge and is open to their experiences.

If these sound like services that you are interested in exploring further, please do not hesitate to contact Amy at for more information. 

Art of Nursing Care, Inc. also offers the sale, home delivery and set up of Medela Breast feeding supplies via phone, in person or on our web site. 

Amy Tinney, RN
Art of Nursing Care, Inc.
Perinatal Education &
Doula Services are our Specialties






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