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The Babbler - Create Genius Infants 

It whispers sweet nothings that really mean something!

Check it out everyone... just in time for a last minute holiday present!  We found something that you can use from the day your baby is born!

As you know, infants are born with an amazing capacity to distinguish the sounds of all of the world's languages.  And the Babbler is the first interactive infant language toy designed to preserve this natural gift by Neurosmith toys.

Whimsical voices "babble" sounds and words in Spanish, French, and Japanese, allowing infant brains an opportunity to categorize and store these otherwise lost foreign sounds, making it easier to learn a second and even third language later in life.

Featuring more than 25 non-native phonemes and words babbled in three different languages.  There are twinkling lights that sparkle in unique patterns which correspond to different sounds.  The Babbler is a cuddly, plush form, a chewy teether, fun honking and scrunching sounds, and provides stimulating new textures to explore.  Extra-sensitive touch activation responds to even the gentlest baby touch.

Check it out for you or a friend!

The Babbler
$49.99 ($39.99 on special)
Check out for more info!

We saw it on KBtoys for $29.97.








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