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Baby Brigade - Crying Room Theater

Attention Mommies, Daddies, and Adults with children!

We found a theater that encourages bringing your new baby (under one year, please!) to the theater. 

You heard it here... The Parkway Theater in Oakland, known for its progressiveness and community involvement, is trying something new: Baby Night/Cry Room at The Parkway.

All parents can bring their new babies to the Monday 6:30PM and 7:00PM show. Babies get in free, all others pay the usual admission fee of $5.00.

The cozy atmosphere of the Parkway will suit your little family well. Stretch out on a couch, set your beer on the table, and cuddle junior in your lap. When the baby wakes up, put her up on your shoulder and stroll a little in the back of the theater.

No need to miss out on the movie- everyone else will understand- they have one too!!

Catherine Campbell, co-owner of The Parkway Theater, said the idea came from her niece, the beautiful and charming Charlotte.

So if you are childless, we recommend you choose another show, but if you have found yourself recently housebound by a bundle-o'joy - get out, have someone else make dinner, catch some of those movies you missed while in labor and listen to some other babies cry for awhile.

We decided to include this Belly Scoop to encourage other local theatres to follow suit!!  New Parents - get your local theaters involved!!

The details:
Cost: $5.00 admission.
When: Mondays, 6:30 PM Show, Downstairs. and 7:00PM Show Upstairs
Location: 1834 Park Boulevard, Lake Merritt, Oakland, CA.

Theater hotline: 510-814-2400.

The theater is located one mile west off the Park Boulevard exit of the 580 freeway. @ 1834 Park Boulevard





Parkway Theater
Oakland, CA








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