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Baby Preparation - The Items Sometimes Forgot

We know you've been getting everything together for your new arrival so we thought we'd let you know about a few things that really helped us through those first few long months!


Diaper Bag - Get this ready now!  When you come home from the hospital, you will be going to the doctor in a few days and it will be so nice when you walk out the door and you have your diaper bag ready to go!


Two secrets that we put in our Diaper Bag that we couldn't live without??

1.  Disposable Camera (you will use this all of the time, we promise).  Put your camera in a ziploc plastic bag.


2.  Extra set of car and house keys for diaper bag (put these in your bag now... you will remember that you have these in your purse only when you will be in need outside your front door or when you've turned around and locked the car with the keys inside - and you'll thank your lucky stars)


What Else Do You Need?


Infant Tylenol - give to babies before the first shots at 2 months


Wee Wee Pads - newborns go through diapers soo fast because their diapers are so tiny.  Look for these at your local pet store and place them under your new bundle!


Digital clock with light  - for baby room


Bottle Drying Rack & Bottle & Nipple Brush (need we say more?)


Formula (even if nursing for emergencies)


Gas Relief - try this! - No More Gripes


Baby Wipes (we recommend the unscented kinds)


Corn Starch (secret weapon for redness between chubby neck and leg folds)


Emergency List (if you do get out of the house, leaving these numbers will give you peace of mind)





















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