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Baby Swaddle, Bunny Wrap

Now that you know how to swaddle your baby, we found the perfect wrap to make your baby burrito!!

It's called The Bunny Wrap and it's so soft and beautiful, we decided everyone we knew needed one for their shower gift or perhaps belated Christmas goodie!

It's made from 100% natural cheese cloth (that's right moms!).  It has a natural stretch and allows your baby some mobility while keeping your little sprout from being completely straightjacketed!

There are also many other ways to use this versatile blanket... breastfeeding moms - this is your answer for your discreet but now chic way to cover yourself out in public... and we want to use it at the beach for our outings with our children...with so much to carry, this is the answer to lugging those big blankets to sit on!

We're sure you'll find a new way to use these Bunny Wraps, so please let us know what's your pleasure??

Check out The Bunny Wrap at - your answer to reliable and fun sun protection products!




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The Bunny Wrap

Beautiful and Natural!!





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