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Babyproof Your Marriage with Julia Kantor

Babyproof Your Marriage!

That's right!  Having a baby is joyous - but studies show that as many as 70% of couples experience significant stress, conflict and drops in marital satisfaction during this time, all of which affects their baby’s care. We know that you get so little sleep that couples do get cranky!

This is natural and happens to many couples transitioning to parenthood. The greatest gift you can give your baby is a strong and healthy relationship with your partner. Julia Kantor, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, helps expecting couples prepare their nest with the essential tools to: 1. Maintain intimacy and connection,  2. -Negotiate division of tasks and roles, 3. Strengthen communication skills, 4. Work through parenting differences and 5. Resolve conflicts constructively. Sign us up!

Julia Kantor, LMFT, is in private practice in Beverly Hills. Call (310) 289-4459 for a consultation.


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