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Back Pain During Pregnancy

The information below has been written by Dr. Elliot Berlin, a Prenatal Chiropractor in Los Angeles, California


Being pregnant is a bit like taking a bath in salt water. When bathing in saltwater you become keenly aware of any cuts or breaks in your skin that you might have had prior to the bath, but the bath doesn’t cause the cut. The same is generally true with back pain in pregnancy. Tense muscles and misaligned vertebra that never bothered you before getting pregnant can become increasingly more painful throughout gestation as your belly and chest enlarge and pull forward.


These symptoms highlight the need for evaluation and treatment from a Doctor of Chiropractic. During pregnancy it is important to see a Doctor who has a great deal of experience treating prenatal clients. In most cases, prenatal chiropractors can stop the pain from progressing and make you a great deal more comfortable for the remainder of your pregnancy. As an added bonus, a prenatal Chiropractor will be able to prepare your body for optimal labor and delivery by relaxing the pelvic tendons and muscles and seeing to it that the pelvic bones are freely moveable.


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