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Bebe International...See The World

We at LAPregnancy LOVE Bebe International, a website that seeks to celebrate children of various cultures and religions from all around the world. Their company was built upon a love for children, a passion for unique baby gifts, and a deep respect for cultural diversity. They specialize in the exclusive and hard-to-find gifts for the most imaginative family and friends. The Bebe International’s team of professional moms searches from Toronto to Taipei to find the most exceptional children's products in the world. Our mission is to promote cultural diversity through education and e-commerce.

Tired of your burp cloth falling off your shoulder or lap when feeding baby in the middle of the night, around town, or even sitting on your couch? You should try the E-Z Burpie™. The E-Z Burpie is a patent pending supersoft chenille burp cloth that you can easily secure to your clothing with one hand. As Mommies only have one hand available during feeding, the E-Z Burpie is a must!

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