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Belly Massage - Miracle Hands

Looking for someone to take all of your tension away but worried that they might hurt your growing baby?

Well, worry no more! 

Suzy Harbulak is a licensed pregnancy massage therapist (yes, people like this do exist!) and her work focuses on providing support for women going through your amazing transformational experience called "pregnancy."  

She has office hours on Sunday and Monday at the Santa Monica Center for Healing Arts at 1247 Seventh Street Suite 300.

As a bodyworker, Suzy is trained and certified to offer the support of pregnancy massage, both pre-natal and postpartum.

Her prenatal massage not only makes your pregnancy more comfortable but is a wonderful medium for connection between you and your child.

In the privacy of your own home, or in her office, you can experience the benefits of thoughtfully nurturing your body before or after birth. There is nothing more important, especially at this time, than being healthy for yourself and your precious baby.

Suzy is a licensed pregnancy massage therapist and can be reached at (323) 788-0908 to set up a massage appointment. 

She also has special LAPregnancy specials and bulk rates so call her today!

And after your baby arrives, she has awesome postpartum work focusing on getting your body back to where it was (oh we love that one!)

Check out her website at and her educational Belly Scoop at Magic of Fingers

Suzy Harbulak, L.Mt, C.Mt is a practicing massage therapist in Los Angeles and specializes in massage for pregnant and non-pregnant women; she also offers private instruction on infant massage.

(This Belly Scoop has been sponsored by Magic Fingers herself, Suzy Harbulak, whose work focuses on providing support for women going through an amazing transformational experience called "pregnancy.") 


















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 Belly Massage






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