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Bellybra, Lift Your Expanding Belly & Lift Your Spirits 

Some women get sympathy pains when around pregnant women. Linda Turner is no exception other than she decided to do something about it. This Colorado native conceived the idea for the Bellybra while in an exercise class.

“A VERY pregnant woman was Jazzer-sizing next to me and I could feel her pain. When the class was over I asked if she was aware of anything that would hold her belly up off her pelvis so she could get some relief. Her answer was no, but if I found something she would buy it on the spot.”

A trip to the fabric store, a few pregnant girlfriends and a patent issued nine months later, the Bellybra was born.

The garment is recommended for that uncomfortable third trimester run. While the trend seems to be bare it all, some women are not comfortable with that feel or look. Many women have commented on the “snug and safe” feeling the garment provides along with the gentle support to the back and abdomen. It also ranks way up there on the convenience approval rating system. With no bottom snaps or Velcro, the frequent trips to the “lu” are easy and struggle free.

The secret is in the back panel. It stretches in one direction, up and down. While doing so it gently pulls the shoulders back and equally distributes weight between the shoulders. The non-constrictive, two-inch elastic bellyband lifts weight off the pelvis. This full torso support is a simple solution to an uncomfortable problem.

The Bellybra comes in two colors, black and white. The fabrics are so attractive the garment can be worn exposed, as a camisole under jackets or sweaters.

Our Big Bellied staff LOVES the's beautiful and so supportive!  The Bellybra will not only lift your expanding belly, it will lift your spirits too!!

Order your Bellybra at for $55.00 today!



The Bellybra














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