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Bib - The Bibbi - Chic and Practical

How do you dilly dally??  That is, how do you use your bibbie which is a stylish reversible bib designed for the busiest of babies and the most particular moms. Not only protective and practical for mealtime, the bibbie is a chic baby accessory for all the "dilly dallying" in your child's life.

What makes bibbie so unique is their fashionable yet functional design. Not only do they cover and protect clean clothes, they are comfortable and adorable. The double-sided quilted fabric makes them extra absorbent. They are easy to wash...just throw them in your washing machine on a cold cycle and tumble dry low. And your little one will have a hard time pulling them off!

Our official tester of 4 years old uses her bibbie at art class and then comes home and doesn't want to take it off!  We need more to give to our friends with babies...definitely what you need when solids are introduced!

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