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Big Bellies Float

Have you floated today???

Well, we tried and it and fell in LOVE!!!

We took our Big Belly to the L.A. Float Center where we entered a tiny retreat behind a little house in Redondo Beach and floated our cares away!!

The Tank provided us a deep rejuvenating stillness that just helped us let go!!

We brought our favorite CD and put it on and climbed into our tank after we met with Shari, one of the owners, who gave us tips and instructions on how to float correctly.

If there ever was a place in which to relax, to set aside the cares of ordinary life and take pleasure in the extraordinary, this is it!

Absolute quiet. Total (friendly) darkness. Soft. Warm. Serene.

You float, buoyant and peacefully still, in a body-temperature silky liquid. This is privacy. This is you and the water. Period.

Your mind is fre - to explore, to pursue its own thoughts without distraction. To create.

You restore your body and mind in the peaceful environment of the tank.  We emerged renewed, deeply relaxed and refreshed!

Have a Float Today!!!

L.A. Float Center























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