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Big Belly Blues

So you’re not sure how to handle life with all of the extras involved with your big belly.  We all know that this is a wonderful and ever changing time in your life and sometimes it’s nice to have a helping hand lead the way.

We’ve worked out a special for our LA Pregnancy readers and here it is – grab a few of your big belly friends and create your own big belly therapy group.  We spoke with Dvora Kravitz, a Marriage and Family Therapist, and she’s agreed to be your professional therapist.  Dvora has her own private practice, has much experience with pregnancy issues (and she has six children of her own) and loves group therapy. 

For about the cost of an aerobic class, Dvora will guide you and your big belly friends through each stage of pregnancy, gently, like only a mother of six could do.  She even has training in post partum depression and encourages therapy participation beyond your baby’s birth.

Call her or any licensed therapist about individual, family, couple or group therapy.

The Scoop:
Dvora Kravitz, MFT
Family, Marital and Pregnancy Practice
Extremely Reasonable Rates

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