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Birth On Labor Day

Birth on Labor Day (BOLD)
What do mothers want? What do mothers deserve? These and other tough 
questions are explored in Birth the Vagina Monologues of childbirth.
The Doulas Association of Southern California (DASC) will performing this 
amazing play at 2:00 p.m. at the Electric Lodge in Venice on Sunday, 
September 2nd.

A color flyer is available at A $10 donation is suggested for attending this wonderful performance.  Feel 
free to invite your favorite doctors, nurses and midwives!

Similar to The Vagina Monologues' success around the world in its efforts 
to end violence against women, BOLD performances of Brody's play, which 
have more than doubled in number since last year, are being performed in 
communities around the world as part of a movement to improve birthing 
options and safety for mothers. In 2006, BOLD's first year, performances 
of Birth raised over $10,000 for local maternity care groups. This year 
BOLD expects that number to more than triple.

Created by mother, BOLD co-founder, and playwright Karen Brody, Birth has 
been called "the naked truth about childbirth" by City Lights Theatre 
Company in San Jose, California. The story of eight women, Birth delivers 
a theatrical experience that melds the unbridled hilarity, the unexpected 
poignancy, and the tragic truth about power in maternity care today.

The cast represents the birthing spectrum from liberal, "My body rocks!" - 
bleating Amanda to strong-willed, no-nonsense Vanessa to career-driven 
Beth, violated Natalie and even angry, somewhat deflated Lisa. But at the 
cornerstone of each story lies personal choice. And Janet's epidural, 
Jillian's home birth, and Sandy's cesarean section are all on display 
without judgment.

It's time to start changing maternity care so it works for mothers. BOLD 
is leading the way.

For reservations, please go to


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