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Birthing Class Made Fun And Easy

Looking for a birthing class but just know you donít have the time to commit to six to eight-week classes?

Well, we found the answer!

Michelle Wapner, a CAPPA certified birthing educator, taught us everything we needed to know in just one weekend crash course!

Thatís right, sheís fun, fast, and informative Ė just what mothers-to-be need.  Michelle gives you all of the knowledge you need to be ready for your birth experience.  From what to expect during that eternal ninth month to the ultimate in labor techniques and comfort measures, youíll leave feeling ready and well informed, and all that in only two days!

Michelle and her partner, Lisa Spiegel, a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator with 7 years experience teaching childbirth classes, have produced the best of the best in weekend crash courses.  Give them a call and find out when the next class will be!

Michelle is also a labor doula, and Lisa is a lactation educator.  Wow!  Itís one-stop shopping for everything you need at Birth, Babies, and Blessed Ways!  Give Lisa or Michelle a rattle today at (818) 754-5724.













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