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You know what we think of the Boppy but when we tried out the recent invention of the Serenity Star by Moonlight Slumber, we had to share!!  It's THE Prenatal to Preschool Transitional Pillow.  We are convinced the the Serenity Star is THE answer for sleeping with your Big Belly and then assisting you with breast feeding your baby and more!  Find them today at

Now about the Boopy!  Not only is the Boppy the number one nursing pillow in America, but it's also one of Americaís most popular infant support pillows.  And because Boppy is so versatile, it has been voted one of the top four products moms canít live without.

The Boppy has such a following that it is known as one of the most popular gift at baby showers across the country (now forward this Belly Scoop to your friends and family!)

Moms will tell you how much their babies love Boppy for lying on their backs, exercising on their tummies and learning how to sit.

Find the Boppy product line at:



See the full list...






Moonlight Slumber's Serenity Star


the Boppy


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