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Breathe Deep and Listen To Your Body - Prenatal Yoga


The days are long gone when expecting mothers were told to take it easy during pregnancy. As a result more and more pregnant women are turning to prenatal yoga as a safe, effective way to achieve the recommended amount of exercise, while preparing for childbirth. Not only is it a great way to stay in shape, prenatal yoga can lay the foundation for a healthy pregnancy, labor and baby.

Attending prenatal yoga classes will strengthen and relax your body, helping to relieve common discomforts that occur naturally with pregnancy. It will also ease your mind, reducing the negative effects of stress; and help cultivate a stronger bond with your baby-to-be, as you connect to yourself on a deeper level.

Practicing yoga during pregnancy can help improve circulation, aid in digestion and normalize blood pressure. Yoga will also strengthen the pelvic floor and thigh muscles as you prepare for labor. Deep breathing practiced during prenatal yoga sessions will help you through even the toughest delivery.

Women already participating in yoga can continue to practice, modifying poses to compensate for their changing bodies. If you are pregnant, make sure you let your teacher know. For women who have never practiced yoga, prenatal yoga is a great place to start, with your doctor’s consent.

Prenatal yoga classes are available at studios throughout Los Angeles. Since minor misalignments increase with pregnancy, it’s important to find a teacher who is knowledgeable in biomechanical body alignment. Anusara and Iyengar are just a few of the yoga styles focused on healthy alignment in every pose. Additionally, a good prenatal yoga teacher will be aware of the changes occurring during pregnancy and the unique challenges of being with child.

By attending classes you will join a community of women who are sharing your experience, creating an instant support group and bonds that may last a lifetime.

Thoroughly trained in Anusara Yoga, Meagan is a certified private prenatal yoga, dedicated to helping women enjoy the experience of pregnancy and embrace their changing bodies.

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