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CBS' The Early Show And Pregnancy Photography - A La Mode Photo In The News

First, "Good Morning America" and now this!

We want to give a shout out to our readers about our sponsor, A La Mode Photo, who will be featured on The Early Show on CBS. 

The Early Show is running a series this week focusing on the new faces of Motherhood and A La Mode Photo and her pregnancy and family photography will be featured.

Tune in tomorrow, Thursday, September 7th at 7:40am when they show Heather Hart's interview with Kate Smith and the filming that they did this summer!

Our readers should know that A La Mode Photo is the place to go for your pregnancy portrait!  Don't have anything to wear???  No worries because all of the wardrobe is provided by Heather and she is happy to wrap you in different material creating beautiful flowing dresses and skirts!!  She brings pashmina scarves and creates beautiful flowing layers and t-shirts and sweatpants that look fabulous.  And for the really daring... a bright pink boa is waiting for you!

She prefers beach shoots rather than in-studio photography (bay shoots for Northern California clients) so that her clients can receive a variety of shots and poses.  As it's been explained to us, "nature takes over and you and the scenery automatically look feel calmed from the ocean waves crashing and you relax."

For more information, check out

And tell Heather that we sent ya... you'll receive an extra bonus!!
Natural Environment Photography
Santa Monica, Orange County and San Francisco Bay Area, California
Tel:  310-770-2676

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