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City Yoga - Bellies United In West Hollywood

Thanks to its elegant set of alignment principles and its heart-oriented philosophy, Anusara Yoga has become one of the fastest growing hatha yoga systems in the world.

Jessica Jennings' Anusara Prenatal yoga class is not only a great way to celebrate this exciting time in your life, but prepare your body for a safe, healthy birth!

Anusara Yoga works on a physical level to stabilize joints, minimize fluid retention, and open the hips.  In these on-going classes, you'll learn how to use breathing techniques to stay calm and connected, discover strength and courage you didn't know you had, and make friends with other moms-to-be.   Come have fun and leave feeling great!!


City Yoga
Tue, Thurs, Sat, 11am-12:30pm
1067 N. Fairfax, West Hollywood

(This Belly Scoop has been sponsored by City Yoga, call these nice people and start smiling today!)
















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