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Cloth Diapers - The Style

Why cloth??  Here's why:

In 1955, nearly all American babies wore cloth diapers and only 7% of them experienced diaper rash.  In 1998, with 90% of American babies in disposable diapers, diaper rash increased to 78%.

As Babies grow older, they are more aware of the difference between wet and dry.  According to an article in the Wall Street Journal, babies diapered with disposables wear diapers an average of 36-42 months, as opposed to 24-30 months for cloth-diapered babies.  On average, babies diapered in cloth diapers potty train a year earlier than those using disposables.

It takes one cup of crude oil to make just one disposable diaper.

The skin temperature of a baby in a disposable diaper can heat up to 104 degrees in less than an hour.

Disposable diapers contain a chemical gel that will adhere to your baby, even if you change diapers the recommended once an hour.  This chemical gel crystallizes and it is possible to remove without thoroughly bathing your baby.

Did you know?
You don't have to shake, dunk or soak cloth diapers.  You toss them in the pail and wash them in the washer.  Modern washers are efficient enough to thoroughly remove everything.  Follow the wash instructions included here and you will be fine!

What you need?
1.  You will need 20-25 diapers in order to wash every other day.  You may want a few more if you start with your own right from the get-go.
2.  We find that a combination of Chinese prefolds (diaper service diapers) and "All In Ones" (AIOs) works really well.  The prefolds are great backup diapers in case you run out of the AIOs, and they make excellent burp clothes, changing pads, and everything else you can think of.
3.  Use a washable diaper pail liner.  This way you can just pull the pail liner out, dump it upside down into the washer, and toss the bag in too!  You never even tough the diapers.
4.  Not sure about washing you own?  Start out with a Diaper Service! Dy-Dee Diapers are great, and you can slowly build your own AIO collection while you learn to cloth diaper your baby.

The Wash Process
1.  Empty your diaper pail into the machine.
2.  Do one cold soak cycle (no soap).
3.  Do a cold rinse and spin cycle (no soap).
4.  Add one tablespoon of Bi-O-Kleen, and a Downey Ball filled with vinegar.  This will be released during the rinse cycle and helps eliminate odor, as well as restoring the Ph level of the diaper.
5.  Wash on Hot.
6.  Dry on Hot or in the sun. 

Wipes and Wipe Solution
Here's how you make your own wipes solution.  It smells good, works well, and is inexpensive.
1 cup distilled water, 3 drops lavender oil, and 2 drops tea tree oil
Use distilled water so your solution never goes bad.  Lavender is naturally soothing, calming and relaxing.  Tea Tree Oil is both anti-fungal and anti-bacterial.

This Belly Scoop sponsored by the Dy-Dee Diaper Service.

Dy-Dee Diaper Service
Pasadena, California



cloth diapers can be fun!















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