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Cook Ahead – Kiss Me Later!

So the baby's almost here and you’ve done all of the hard stuff!

You’ve made up the baby’s room, figured out the perfect name, memorialized your belly with a professional photo shoot, figured out the pros and cons of cloth vs. disposable diapers … what are you missing?

Nancy Klein, super-mom of three who runs her own business at gives us her #1 advice for all “big bellies” – make sure to cook ahead!

As Nancy explains, before you know it, it’s 8pm and you haven’t even thought about dinner, let alone eaten yet. 

The secret antidote – take something out of your freezer that you’ve cooked ahead of time.  Not just the teriyaki chicken but the whole meal, rice and veggies included.

We found Reynolds Pot Lux as an affordable disposable cookware that lets you bake, microwave, serve, freeze, or refrigerate – all in the same container.  Reynolds Pot Lux cookware is safe for use in both conventional ovens up to 400° F and in microwave ovens, and its attractive porcelain-like appearance and decorative detail complement any table.

Nancy tells us that we should make batches of food ahead of time and freeze single portions for later. 

It’s a healthy and cost-effective alternative to the restaurant delivery and you’ll have more quiet time for yourself…maybe now you can sneak away and take that relaxing bath you’ve been dreaming of?

Pot Lux, Oven-Ready Cookware
(comes in several sizes)

We received this "belly scoop" from Nancy Klein, one of our favorite Belly Scoopers who is creator of - a comic strip, secret clubhouse, and shopping experience for moms.




















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