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Counting Kisses - Delightful Bedtime Reading

What child and parent doesn't love kisses?

Counting Kisses is an adorable book that is cute and interactive - something so sweet and fun to read to your baby.  It helps you teach your baby about numbers and give lots of kisses!  Sounds good to us at

Join the fun with the fantastic illustrations, not to mention the smart text!  Heavy use of pink, combined with an array of brightly colored patterns, adds to the tender, happy tone of the story. 

(We've heard that even five month olds love this book and they stay focused because it's so colorful and delightful.)

And do you want to know the best part of this book?  
You can count your way through it with your own kisses!

And we know here that you can't have too many of those!

Find this at












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