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Diaper Dandy

Not sure whether to use cloth diapers? 

Read on for Dy-Dee of Pasadena's reasons why you should choose a cloth diaper service!

It is estimated that by the age of 2 1/2, a baby will spend 22,000 hours in diapers and parents will have changed over 13,000 diapers. 

It is important to consider that cloth diapers are as good for your baby's skin as they are for the earth.  Unlike disposables, cotton breathes, letting air circulate to baby's skin.  And, unlike chemical-laden disposables, cotton diapers are naturally absorbent.  It also means less friction on tender skin, reducing the likelihood of diaper rash.

In 1955, 100% of babies born in America wore cotton diapers and only 7% of them experienced diaper rash.  However, in 1998, with 90% of American babies in disposable diapers, the occurrence of diaper rash increased to 78%.  A survey of diaper services like Dy-Dee's are five time less likely to ever get a rash than when other diaper styles are used.

There are the Dy-Dee facts... now it's up to you Big Bellies to choose!

And whether you're interested in cloth diapers or not, the Dy-Dee company publishes The Wet Set Gazette with very informative articles on pregnancy, parenting, nutrition and other related topics.  See our past Belly Scoop, "Read All About It - The Wet Set Gazette" for more details

And don’t be fooled… the paper is dedicated to “healthy babies through prenatal and parent education” – not just cloth diapers. 

Dy-Dee Diaper Service
Pasadena, California





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