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Does Your Baby Toddle?

Did you know that children and adults in higher in developed Nations have a higher percentage of flat feet than in other countries?

Studies suggest that this trend is due to the footwear provided to children in their early years of life and development. In fact, the latest in foot research suggests that children with the healthiest and best-developed feet are those who habitually go barefoot!

Keeping a baby out of shoes in warm, dry conditions is a good idea because walking barefoot develops good toe gripping and muscular strength.

Since it is impossible for children to go barefoot all of the time, it is important that children wear shoes such as Robeez that encourage proper foot development.  Itty bitty shoes should be flexible and allow free movement, flat with no elevation, have sole friction (leather is good!), and be lightweight and secure on the feet.

Choose Robeez or any other comparable shoe - they're adorable and practical!



Robeez on the Run


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