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The Dr. Phil Show and Pregnancy

A heads up to our readers about a very special new series of the Dr. Phil show which is a must see!

The fun begins on Wednesday, December 3rd, 2003 when the Dr. Phil Show begins following a couple, Shannon and Morgan, who is 20 weeks pregnant.  Learn about the couples' fears, expectations and joys while Dr. Phil helps them along their path to parenthood for a 3-part series.

In this first show, the Dr. Phil Show follows Shannon all around the Los Angeles area and provides tips about exercise, yoga, parenthood classes and more. 

Dr. Phil even visits the PregnaGym and learns some things about pregnancy and exercise (our Belly Scoop,  "To The PregnaGym" was one of LAPregnancy's first scoops)!

They even have our photographer and sponsor, Heather Hart of A La Mode Photo provide her pregnancy photography for their show and have her follow Shannon around town with her camera.  See our Belly Scoop at "Pregnancy Photography For Your Belly" for more information about A La Mode Photo!

Join the fun and learn some important things about pregnancy and parenting with Dr. Phil!

Check out for more information and channel information near you!











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