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Expert Prenatal Chiropractic, Acupuncture and Massage

The information below has been written by Dr. Elliot Berlin, a Prenatal Chiropractor in Los Angeles, California and is endorsed by



Thereís no better time to baby yourself or your baby-to-be than right now, while youíre pregnant, and both of you can benefit enormously from a relaxing, soothing massage. Not only is prenatal massage great for relieving stress, itís a wonderful way to increase energy and vitality for you and get your child off to a very healthy start.


Experts in prenatal and postnatal care, B&W Health Specialists offers prenatal chiropractic, prenatal acupuncture and prenatal massage services that will ease your pregnancy experience and improve blood and nerve flow to your baby. This is especially important during the third trimester to help prepare you and the baby for labor and delivery. Babies love massage just as much as you do!


Even if you have never tried it before, this is the perfect opportunity to treat yourself and your baby to the long list of benefits that deep, soothing massage can bring.


B&W Health Specialists accepts many insurance plans and offers great rates if your insurance doesnít provide coverage.  Itís never too early to start!

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This Belly Scoop has been sponsored by B&W Health.


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