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Fetal Monitors Are Fun!!

Seeing your baby in your belly kick is really wonderful but some parents-to-be want a little more.  For them, fetal monitor rentals maybe just the answer!

You can listen to the baby's heartbeat when you're not in your doctor's office by renting a handheld fetal sound monitor.  Rentals are affordable and charge monthly fees!

Taking a page from the mail order DVD rental market, these medical device shops loan FDA-approved monitors to parents for as long as you need them.  These monitors, which weigh less than a pound, use high-frequency sound waves to capture and amplify a fetal heartbeat., beginning in the 10th to 12th week of pregnancy.

All three monitors we found have similar price ranges and policies.  At this time, there are two versions, a basic model and a digital version, which have a small screen to display the heart rate.  But who knows what they'll be creating in the near future?

Check out the following fetal monitor rental sites for more information and comparison shopping!













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