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Fuzzi Bunz - The Right Choice  For Your Baby's Bottom

It's The End of the Soggy Diaper!!

We found an answer to a wet soggy diaper and it's called Fuzzi Bunz.

Fuzzi Bunz is a non-disposable fleece diaper that was invented with three goals in mind:

1. Stopping and preventing diaper rash or yeast infection.

2. Keeping your baby dry - period.

3. Saving you time and money.

And guess what, all three of these goals are being met and surpassed by Fuzzi Bunz.  They've been supplying households now for three years.

The patent pending design of the Fuzzi Bunz sets it apart from the chemical disposable diaper and from the cloth diapers. Parents now
have a positive choice in diapering their precious babies.

Here's how Fuzzi Bunz works:  the fleece is the first layer of the diaper, it is what keeps the baby dry; the micro terry is the absorbent insert that draws the all the ukky fluid away from the baby.  Finally the water proof material on the outside keeps you and the surrounding area dry with its remarkable leak proof ability.

The nice people at Fuzzi Bunz say that this diaper requires no fuss when laundering - you simply take out the insert and throw both pieces in the wash. (Of course they recommend knocking off the solid stuff into the toilet.)

And no need to worry because these diapers WILL NOT STAIN - no matter what comes out !!!  They say that they haven't found any thing to stain them in the three years and counting. There's no presoaking required - just wash and wear.

Save money too by using less detergent when washing because the Fuzzi Bunz gang recommend using 1/4 of the amount of detergent.

The unbelievable Fuzzi Bunz
Toll Free:  1-866-DRY-BABY

Mother of Eden, LLC
315 Weeks St.
P.O. Box 9190
New Iberia, LA 70562









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