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Getting To The Hospital On Time

When do you go to the hospital??  That is the big question!

Most first time big bellies go to the hospital too early when they're in labor with their first baby.  Who wouldn’t??

There are times when us big bellies are even sent back home which can be very discouraging. 

The first thing is that you should maintain close communication with your health care provider throughout your labor.

Tracy Hartley of gives the 4-1-1 on when to go to the hospital.

That’s right, just remember “4-1-1.”

When your contractions are 4 minutes apart, lasting for 1 minute and they continue that way for 1 hour, IT’S TIME to go to the hospital

Tracy also explains that a laboring woman needs to consume at least 8 oz of fluid AND 120 calories every hour lest she become dehydrated and lose her energy to labor effectively.

Tracy Hartley loves being a Belly Scooper and is a member of DASC (Doula Association of Southern California).  She has participated in more than 100 births.


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