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Happiest Potties on Earth

Can't wait to get to Disneyland with your Big Belly (or your child) and weary about bathroom accessibility?  Well, we found a website that gives a comprehensive listing and review of the restrooms of Disneyland.

That's right, Kevin and Adrienne Krock have put together a complete guide including garage potty locations and a parents' manual flush guide (since some of our little ones get scared of the automatic ones)!

There's a Disneyland Potty Summary, Potty Awards, Potty Trivia and a listing of special restroom services.

They've even rated each one on scale of 1 to 5 Disneyland guests based on use of available space, how well the restroom meets the needs of its location, typical cleanliness, and of course, "the expert opinion."

For a good laugh and some helpful information, and a secret bathroom location, visit












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