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Happy Big Belly Skin Care

We found out about a place that caters to pregnant women and their skin and it's called The Dermal Experience Salon (perfect huh??).

Here is a rundown of what you can find to lift your spirits and make you feel beautiful. And please note, The Dermal Experience offers their personalized skincare and treatments in a Dermatologist office by licensed aesthetician, Angela Robles (oh, we like that!)

The Pregnancy Treatment:
This is their signature treatment - it's a must for all pregnant women.  At a time when chaos consumes your body, enter a sage of relaxation an aromatic bliss.

Your journey begins with a customized facial masque.  The heavenly blend of aroma will indulge your senses.  Enjoy a fabulous rub down on your arms, hands, legs and feet using body milk and your choice of body oil.  Let's not forget the Baby!  For the grand finale, allow your tummy to be covered in a decadent blend of lavender and other oils.  It's a perfect ending to a necessary escape.
$75/40 minutes

Automatic Compress:
Are your legs tired, heavy, swollen?  Allow a blend of FIVE essential oils to cool your legs leaving you feeling like you're walking on air.  Carrying all that extra weight will seem like a breeze.  This treatment is great, or added to a facial makes a wonderful afternoon experience.
$75/40 minutes

Body Hydration:
Are certain areas getting harder and harder to reach?  Allow them to come to your rescue!

Lay back and enjoy the inch by inch gel exfoliation.  This gentle blend of plant extracts leaves your skin looking healthier.  The final touch is a body milk mixed with your choice of body oil  It is rubbed into your skin with relaxing strokes.  Each part of your body is thankful for the attention it has received.  You won't walk away;  you'll float away and soon want to run back for more!
$75/40 minutes

Hormones lay a tremendous part on pregnant skin, as you well know.  Issues that never existed suddenly appear!  Never fear, help is here.  Paramedical Estheticians can answer questions and suggest safe products to ease your changing skin care needs.  If your situation requires additional assistance, our doctors are always helpful and in the next room.  We must not forget how good a facial smells and feels.  When you are done, you and your skin will radiate with relaxation and a healthy flow. Baby will love this relaxing and nourishing treatment too!
Executive: $ 75/60 minutes
Aromatic: $100/90 minutes

The Details:
Two Locations:

The Dermal Experience Salon
(818) 788-4022
16260 Ventura Blvd., Suite 530
Encino, CA  91436
in Santa Monica at (310) 829-4104
2001 Santa Monica Blvd., Suite 490
Santa Monica, CA  90404



























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