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Help Is On The Way!

For Mother's Day this year, LAPregnancy thought this would be a good one for you!

Looking for someone to help new moms in almost any capacity??  Well we found her hard at work helping new moms and loving it!

Kathleen Sullivan, based in Los Angeles, is the person for you to help in so many ways!  She is a Baby Nurse and post-partum doula (CAPPA certified) and helps new moms with everything from breastfeeding support, sponge baths, big boy/big girl baths (after the umbilical cord falls off), nursery setup, Babies R Us Registry (why didn't we know her when??), Father Support Night Shifts (so everyone can sleep) , 24 hour Care, Comfort Techniques, Preemies, Baby Blues and Sleep Training.

As Kathleen says, she is definitely "HIP" and loves what she does - and it shows!

Why look for anyone else!  With all of Kathleen's experience, you get 10 people's experience in one!

Whether you're looking for a post-partum doula to help you out or a baby nurse, Kathleen can help both mom and baby!! 

We can't say enough wonderful things about Kathleen - call her today for a consultation.

Kathleen has 8 years of experience and can be reached at 310-276-1605 or by email at

Check out her website at

(This Belly Scoop has been sponsored by Queen of SoftSlumbers herself, Kathleen Sullivan, who loves working with new parents and newborn babies.)


















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