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Hollywood Fashion Tape

Question...How do stars keep those barely there dresses in place?

Answer... Hollywood Fashion Tape!

Question...Why is it you never see slipping straps or gapping blouse fronts on TV?

Answer... Hollywood Fashion Tape!

Question...How can all women look perfectly put together all day?

Answer...Hollywood Fashion Tape!

The stars' secret to always looking perfectly put together is now available to everyone. Minnesota entrepreneur Marni Bumsted is introducing a long time trade secret of film, TV and fashion designers to the public at large (they're talking to us girls!)

Hollywood Fashion Tape, an easy to use double-stick tape, is the solution to a myriad of fashion foes.

Now wrap skirts stay wrapped, straps stay hidden, blouse gaps lay flat and plunging necklines stay where you want them to. No more constant tugging on strapless tops or worrying that your shoulder pads will become tummy pads.

Better than safety pins, Hollywood Fashion Tape is easy to use, lays flat and won't damage fabrics.

Nearly invisible yet strong enough to hold all day, it's gentle on skin and fabrics. Hollywood Fashion Tape is a must have in every purse, briefcase and dressing room. Faster than a needle and thread, it's perfect for quick hemming and other emergency repairs.

Great for everyday use and a true lifesaver day, like your baby shower, or any special occasion.  This product makes looking great as easy as peel, stick and go!

The details:
$6.95 per roll
Look for specials discounts for volume purchasing
Telephone:  1-866-222-4529



























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