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Home Based Business...You New Answer

One of our readers wanted to share something with LAPregnancy's readers so we decided to let her speak:

We've edited Terri Treas a bit but here is the gist:

"I wanted to be with my daughter and find a way to make money around her schedule.  I didn’t know whether I could learn to do anything new but I had to try.  That’s when my girlfriend who was a very successful banker and had started her own home based business introduced me to the botanically based Swiss skin care and health and wellness home based business that I now have and share with women everyday.  After looking at the alternatives, franchises, investing in other businesses, you name it I looked at it, this home based business made the most sense and I like the tax advantages it gives me.  For new moms who want to stay at home with their babies but still need an income, I would love to introduce you to a way to do just that.” 

Terri is the best mentor/trainer in town for teaching you how to own a successful home based business.  She has helped many women with new babies, mom’s whose children are in pre-school or moms who simply need to make that extra income, build sound home based businesses that fit into their family lives.  Terri works with one of the most successful, A-list Swiss skin care and health and wellness networking companies in the US, Canada, Australia and Great Britain.  She has helped many women improve their income and connected them to the supportive women on her team who have succeeded in doing exactly what you want to do.   She succeeds only if you succeed.  Her goal in life is to help as many women as possible achieve financial freedom and to live they’re dreams.  No more letting other people decide when or where you have the right to seek the life you want.  She teaches you with support and her time to start building your dreams today.  Those little thoughts that flit through your mind, “What if I could have my dream house?” to shifting your state of mind to “I live in my dream house.  What’s next?”  By building a solid business so that you are in control of how you live the life you want.

Terri is currently expanding her team.  All of the training is free. If you have any interest in hearing more about having your own business please contact Terri Treas at her office: 310-397-0474 or her cell: 310-713-5131.  E-mail: or website:



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