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Hot New Music CD For Parents That ROCK

For all those new and expecting Mom & Dads out there, the best advice you can get is to laugh about the new and crazy things you'll experience as new parents.  Of course, you don't know that yet but "Mommy & Daddy ROCK!" music CD's are not lullabies, parodies of other songs, or like anything you've ever heard.  These are fun and entertaining musical journey through pregancy (Vol. 1) and the first year (Vol 2) that will keep you smiling from the first track!  With titles such as "Pickles n Ice Cream, My Preggo Beauty Queen, The Name Game, Glowing, We Stand in Awe (Song of Life), and Play it Safe," and a wide variety of current musical styles from rock to blues to alternative, you'll be thoroughly entertained with these CD's! 

These make a great give for new mommies or daddies, or fun music for baby showers. 

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