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Hot Off The Press Parent Guide Update

No, for the last time, the baby does not come with a handbook. And even if there were a handbook, you wouldn't read it. You'd fill out the warranty card, throw out the box, and start playing right away. Until a few hours passed and you were hit with the epiphany of, "Jeeze honey, what in the wide, wide world of childcare are we doing here?"

Starting in the Bay Area and now are working their way throughout the country, a group of parents decided to put together a handbook for you with  "word-of-mouth information"! The Los Angeles/Orange County edition is now in their 3rd year and doing just great!!

The guide is literally written by parents for parents. It's what happens when someone actually does write it down (and organizes it, calculates it, and presents it in an easy-to-use format).

Thousands of surveys produce these insider's guides to stores, restaurants, service providers, and activities that are about to become a very big part of your life.

And while this guide won't tell you how to change a diaper or how to get by on little or no sleep (that's what grandparents are for), it will tell you what other local parents have learned about what your amazing area has to offer to our blessed new parenting breed.

So there you have it. Now go make some phone calls, clean up the house, take a nap, or do something on your list before the baby wakes up. Oh, and don't forget to participate in their survey - other parents are counting on you to tell them where to go and what to do! for more information!




See the full list...




Check out the Los Angeles/
Orange County 2005 edition

See the review for one of our sponsors,

Five Star Rating!

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