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How To Name Your Contraction

Forget comparison shopping right now, we’re here to teach you about 'comparison contractions.'

Firstly, you need to put your hand on your belly during a contraction and compare the feeling of the contracting uterus.  To tell if your contractions are strong enough to be opening your cervix, you should compare its strength with the feeling of the tip of your nose, your chin or your forehead. 

The comparison goes like this:

If it feels like your nose, it's a soft or relatively weak contraction relative to early labor and is probably not doing much to open your cervix.

If it feels like your chin then it's of medium strength.

If it feels like your forehead, your contractions are very strong and productive.  When they feel like this, you are making progress!

Tracy Hartley of provided us with this comparison chart to help our big bellies understand the productivity of contractions.

Tracy loves being a Belly Scooper and is a member of DASC (Doula Association of Southern California) and has participated in more than 100 births.







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