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Hypnosis For Labor & Birth - Caitlin Philips

Imagine birthing peacefully and comfortably, without the need for medications and with a sense of control. This is just one of the benefits of birthing with hypnosis.

Hypnosis opens a doorway to the subconscious mind, to its core beliefs and fears. When we feel afraid and anxious, hormones known as catecholamines will dominate the laboring body-mind causing restriction in the cervix and all muscles in the physical body, including the uterus, thus creating a more challenging, lengthy birth. Fear begets tension, which in turn begets pain, hence, the “fear-tension-pain” syndrome, a phrase coined by British OB, Dr. Grantly Dick-Reed, author of “Childbirth Without Fear,” first published in 1933. Conversely, and with consistent repetition, when you instill your mind with images of sitting on the soft, white beaches of Maui, for example, your mind will accept your input and your physical body will respond with relaxation and a sense of serenity. The subconscious mind cannot discern the difference between fantasy and reality, and will automatically adopt whatever circumstances you focus on.

When in a relaxed environment, (literally or imagined) as well as a relaxed mental and emotional state, hormones known as endorphins will activate naturally. Endorphins are capable of suppressing the perception of pain, and are 200 times more powerful than an injection of morphine. It is a revelation to know that through our conscious intention, the innate wisdom of the body-mind will produce natural comfort-aids while in process of labor and birth. Hypnosis helps to deepen this transcendent state.

Other benefits of birthing with hypnosis include the reduction of laboring time by 25%, enhanced and easy breast feeding, creating deeper bonding of Mother, Father/Partner and Baby, reducing the possibility of complications, cesareans and unforeseen circumstances, and creating a more peaceful world through peaceful birthing.

Remember, “Where thought goes, energy flows.” Through hypnosis, you can affirm and experience the reality of a beautiful, empowered birth with optimal physical and emotional health, Body, Mind & Spirit for Mother, Father & Baby

Caitlin Philips, M.A., MT
Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified Childbirth Educator &  Birth Doula
Body, Mind & The Tao of Birthing®


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Caitlin Philips





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