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I'm Pregnant So Nobody Will Hire Me, Right?

There is little doubt that being pregnant is one of the most exciting times in a woman’s life.   Unfortunately, there are situations where being pregnant can bring about unwanted and unnecessary stressors, especially in the employment arena.

Many women are hesitant to look for employment while pregnant.  The thought is, “who will want to hire a pregnant woman?”  While it can be more difficult to find a job while pregnant, you should not allow this to hinder your job search. 

California law protects women who are searching for work during pregnancy.  Under the California Fair Employment and Housing Act, an employer cannot base an employment related decision (such as promotion, demotion, termination, or hiring) on a woman’s sex, which includes pregnancy.  Simply put, an employer cannot refuse to hire a woman because she is pregnant.

Additionally, California law does not require women to disclose their pregnancy during the interview process.  In fact, if the pregnancy is not yet visible, a woman may want to wait until after she is hired to disclose her pregnancy.  The reason is simple:  the unfortunate reality is that many employers are more hesitant to hire a pregnant woman.

Whenever you decide to tell your employer about your pregnancy, it is always advisable to inform your employer in writing.  A written statement may protect you and is a necessary safeguard against nasty employers who claim, “we had no knowledge she was pregnant when we decided not to hire her.”  Make sure you keep a copy of the written statement.

For more information on laws related to pregnancy and employment, visit or call Attorney Sarah B. Schlehr directly at (310) 492-5757.

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