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Infant Massage

As your infant is so impressionable and dependent, you may wonder how you can enhance your childís sense of security and love in the world. Infant massage has been proven to foster this sense of well-being, while stimulating the healthy development of an infantís mind and body. This allows you to impact your childís development through a sensory rich experience with soothing results. 

As with most adults, massage can be invigorating to a childís body, providing comfort and pleasure. These are important factors for your infant whose brain and body are forming and developing. This means it could positively impact your child for the rest of his or her life. Some possible benefits include improved sleep patterns, neurological development, cardiac and respiratory output, increased muscular tone, sensory awareness, normalized weight gain and digestion, decreased stress levels pain in events such as teething, enhanced bonding between parent & child, and the promotion of non-verbal communication, self-esteem and respect.

The facilitator, Sara Abbot, PsyD, CIMI, is certified in infant massage instruction and is also a licensed child psychologist. She is the Associate Director of the Family Resource Counseling Center, a private practice in West Los Angeles. She teaches parenting classes and offers psychotherapy for children, adolescents, couples, and adults. This experience only enhances the overall infant massage class experience. You will have the opportunity to learn the massage routine while gaining a greater understanding into the psychological development of children and healthy parenting. Each week you will meet with other families, providing support and encouragement within the group setting. Please call for specific start dates and other times. Private classes are also available.

Give Sara a call, she will enhance your life with your new baby!

Sara Abbot, PsyD, CIMI
Associate Director, Family Resource Counseling Center
11500 W. Olympic Blvd. Ste. 420
Los Angeles, CA 90064
P: 310-479-9798 ext. 3# / F: 310-479-9796




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