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Infant Massage At Its Best!

After many years of reviewing products and services for our readers, LAPregnancy wants to share with you one if its secret gems - a wonderful individual who really helps children and parents!

Heidi Fernandez has been been doing infant massage for almost 3 years now.  She is a child development specialist and performs home therapy sessions for children with developmental delays and sets up short term goals for them.

Infant Massage is a great way of communicating and bonding with your baby and it relaxes the baby, lessens tension, fussiness, and irritability.

Heidi Fernandez says that it also decreases symptoms of colic, and aids in digestion as well as aids in growth and development.  There is a 47% greater weight gain and greater immune function and promotes communication and bonding which which increases confidence in parenting and it also improves baby's sleep. Babies will usually sleep longer and sounder after massage (gotta love that)!

Heidi is an infant massage therapist because she can incorporate it into her work with premature infants, as a child development specialist. But most importantly she is an infant massage therapist because she is passionate about the benefits that massage and touch can have for babies.

We LOVE Heidi and we know you will too!  You don't need to have a preemie to set up your own at-home therapy session!  Call her today for your own parent and baby massage therapy session today at 818-642-0972.  Or e-mail her at 


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Heidi Fernandez
infant massage therapist


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