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Is This Your Birth? 

Buckle your seatbelts for a wild ride through a busy baby-birthing hospital ward!

We heard there’s a funky new novel out, called “This Is Your Birth”, that tells the real truth about some people’s experience when they get down to actually parting with that Big Belly. 

There's a nurse in a busy Labor and Delivery ward gives you the lowdown on what it’s like from the nurse’s point of view.  There’s a bunch of different nurses, and then there are the patients they’re taking care of.  Not everybody’s got your picture-pretty doula scene going on, and the differences in the way mamas part with their Belly are a lot of fun to read about. 

It’s funny that it’s a novel, because this book is supposedly much more straightforward than a lot of other books we’ve read that supposedly prepare us for the Birth Day.  On the back cover is a real quote from a first time mom that read it in her sixth month which reads, fFor me, as a pregnant woman, “This Is Your Birth” was a refreshing reality check.  I feel more prepared after having read it than with any of the pop-spirituality birth books I’ve read.  We are all adults here.  I don’t expect my baby to be pulled out of a hat accompanied by smoke and mirrors; and anyone who does is bound to have a poor experience.  I think this book reinforces that.” 

We haven't had a chance to give this a full read but it sounds like a gas to us and we knew you needed some humor!

This Is Your Birth
Aubrey Wade
Amazon Price:  $19.95

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