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Keep Your Baby Warm-N-Toasty

We found the best thing for your new baby.  Why cover them with an ordinary blanket, when you can place them safely inside a Warm-N-Toasty baby blanket?

The nice people at Baby Cakes International swear that you will get the good night sleep both you and your baby deserve.

The Warm-n-Toasty is a unique baby blanket that permits you to place your baby inside the blanket, but still allow's your sprouts head and arms to move freely.  Baby sleeping bags are one of the most popular baby accessories in Europe, and have been used extensively for over 20 years as a safe and practical replacement of blankets.

The Warm-N-Toasty can provide a peaceful night sleep for you and your child because no blankets can be kicked off during the night causing the baby to become cold. 

They tout that it can also help reduce the risk of suffocation since there are no blankets to wiggle under or cover their faces.  When you place your baby in a Warm-N-Toasty, your baby's head can never be covered accidentally as there is no bedding that can slip over the face. 

Would you believe that the unique zipper design permits you to expose only the diaper area so that the rest of your baby’s body can stay warm and comfortable? 

Whether you need the perfect unique gift for a friend's baby shower or a practical blanket for yourself, the Warm-N-Toasty will meet your needs.  The nice people at Babycakes International have told us that their babies sleep throughout the night when they started using this miracle blanket

You decide!

Check out:
The Warm-N-Toasty
Free shipping for U.S. orders
10% of net proceeds donated to Autism Society of America



The Warm-N-Toasty


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