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Kitchen Imagination - Course 101

The Secret Life of Food will spark anyone's imagination in the kitchen.  It gives children and adults great ideas for hip and colorful concoctions to create.

The Secret Life of Food presents fun-filled recipes including Monkey Pops, Jello- Aquarium and Spaghetti with Eyeballs - all destined to be a hit for any occasion.

Some of the recipes are amazingly simple:  Caterpillar Cakes calls for 10 Hostess Sno Balls, two google eyes, and a handful of artfully arranged pipe cleaners.  Extra eye-popping include Pond Pie (a plastic frog resting on the surface of a mint-green vanilla pudding pie with assorted fresh herbs peeking over the chocolate-cookie-crust perimeter) and Jell-O Aquarium (a small fishbowl with Berry Blue Jell-O "water," Swedish fish, and fruit cocktail "gravel").

Eric Staudenmaier's colorful photography and Lisa Barnett's artful food styling really makes this book sing.

This book will provide hours of culinary exploration for kids and grownups alike.

The Secret Life of Food
Clare Crespo, author
Eric Staudenmaier , photographer
List Price:  $19.99
Amazon Price:  $16.99














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