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Live from the Delivery Room... it's Childbirth Realities, with Lizabeth Baker-Wade, RN Labor and Delivery Nurse!

Let’s be honest, we all want the best possible birth experience, an easy labor and delivery with a healthy newborn and mother, right?  That’s not too much to ask is it?  But how do new parents begin to navigate their way through the maze of Birth Education choices?  And the pressure to do it “right”. 

LAPregnancy has asked Liz to help our readers work through this maze and help answer some of these questions.

Liz runs Birth And Beyond along with Cheryl Baker of Birth Partners in Santa Monica and is a practicing labor and delivery nurse in a well-known community hospital in Santa Monica.

Liz was trained at UCLA Medical Center in Norman and High Risk Labor and delivery back in 1989.  After a couple of years as a labor nurse she started to become acutely aware of how new mothers were grappling with the birth experience in the very first few hours after birth of their babies.  Dealing with the fatigue alone can bring a woman to tears at the time when she should be rejoiceful.  But Liz was noticing a disturbing trend. The Birth Experience Letdown (BEL), and its impact on the new family.  Why would a woman feel so very sad, disappointed and dejected while holding on to a perfectly healthy, gorgeous baby?  The BEL and all the expectation of how it was supposed to be. Our Birth Plan, our strategy, our dream……… how did it all go wrong?  Or did it?

Liz teaches parents how to focus on realistic outcomes by trying to help her clients understand the policies, procedures and responsibilities of the hospital, doctors and nursing staff.  Liz says “ Most new parents to be have no idea that we must work within a “standard of care” in order to maintain the best possible quality of care”.  But the bigger picture is that labor is an ever changing scenario“ .Liz is concerned that many of our mothers are so focused on the “Birth Plan” that they have great difficulty accepting any change in that “Plan”.  Also “is a labor that has a wonderful outcome i.e., healthy mom and healthy baby, to be considered a personal failure because it didn’t follow the “Plan” exactly”?   Liz poses the question “ can we as labor nurses, and Doulas help support our clients in a way that they can feel positive about the birth experience no matter what road it has taken”?  Liz says “yeas we can”! 

Check in again next month when Liz continues her series “Live from the Delivery Room” with topics such as:·

“Hospital births: what you should know about the labor and delivery     policy and procedure at most hospitals. 

“Your nurses role in your birth”, “Being heard:  how to communicate your needs and desires for birth without throwing up barriers."

“Gotta Getta Doula”:  interview techniques that can help you find the right birth attendant for you.

“Why won’t my Doctor support my decision to have a Doula?:   What you can do to help your doctor get behind this important and necessary part of the birth team.

“The epidural:  Using them wisely. 

Want More Information Now?

Birth and Beyond is located at
1750 Ocean Park Blvd. Suite 206
Santa Monica, CA  90405

Liz Baker-Wade is a registered nurse who has been practicing labor and delivery nursing for 14 years. She was trained at UCLA Medical Center in Westwood, CA. Liz's training and practice include all areas of normal and high risk labor and delivery. Since Liz continues to practice labor and delivery nursing, she is able to stay current with ever changing standards and practices.

This also allows her to apply her own unique style of childbirth education. As founder of Birth and Beyond, her curriculum enables new parents to successfully navigate their way through their labor and delivery experience.


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Liz Baker-Wade





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